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Online PsyD Programs – Forensic Psychology Doctorate

We’re a nation of mystery-lovers. The literary genre remains strong and constant from old-timey deductive sleuths like Sherlock Holmes to pulp detective paperbacks to newer thrillers set in the digital age. We also seem perpetually intrigued by why people act the way they do, especially those who commit violent crimes. Short of a manifesto, a clear confession, or a public statement, most criminals rarely share their motivation, which leads to all sorts of speculation about the possible role of nature vs. nurture; the purported failure of schools, religious institutions, or government systems; or alleged influences of everything from video games to rock music.

There’s one career path in particular for people to learn about human motivations and share their professional opinion: the forensic psychologist. This mental health professional plays an important role in the modern justice system. They may be asked critical questions about a suspect’s mental health, which can affect whether they understand the charges against them and can stand trial or need to be institutionalized. They can analyze family dynamics in family court and make recommendations on whether a parent is fit or unfit. They may determine whether someone truly has post-traumatic stress disorder, create threat assessments, develop and perform appropriate testing, or serve as expert witnesses in court cases.

Overall, the conclusions of professional forensic psychologists carry significant weight and responsibility, as they can permanently affect lives of individuals, families and even entire communities. That’s why a high level of academic knowledge and professional experience is required to become a forensic psychologist. This includes undergraduate- and graduate-level degrees (e.g., a PhD or PsyD) from programs accredited by the American Psychology Association, and sitting for several comprehensive licensing exams. Beyond being just a step in an extensive process, doctorate programs in psychology can provide a blend of advanced theory, leadership skill-building, and the opportunity for research. Students learn about analytic methods and criminal justice trends.

In the past, graduate education in forensic psychology was limited to on-campus programs. These days, however, there is a number of reputable online forensic psychology doctorate degrees as well, which can accommodate the schedules of working parents, people who live far away from campuses, and other people with time constraints.

A doctorate can open a variety of career opportunities, including roles as faculty members, psychotherapists, consultants, researchers, or analysts for local, state or national government entities or law enforcement.

Discover what to expect from an online forensic psychology doctorate, including the expected coursework and three exceptional professors.

Featured Doctoral Programs in Psychology
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Featured Online PsyD Programs

Please note that while some of these programs aren’t strictly in forensic psychology, online psychology doctorate students can focus their clinical research or projects in that area with permission.

California Southern University

CalSouthern’s School of Behavioral Science prepares students for a variety of practice options, including all the requirements for a clinical psychology license in California. Students spend much of the 66-credit online program focusing on a doctoral project, which could include an action-research project; a clinical application or analysis on a certain topic; or a discussion about a current topic that can provide guidance. Students can elect to complete this work in the forensic subfield. The general program focuses on counseling and therapy, and less about research and statistics.

  • Location: Costa Mesa, CA
  • Program length: Four years, full-time
  • Cost: $545 per credit
  • Accreditation: Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission

University of Arizona Global Campus

This online doctor of psychology program includes six concentrations, and those interested in the forensic field can consider a focus in criminology and justice studies. This concentration discusses the efficiencies of different criminal organizations and institutions. The 62-credit program teaches modern mental and emotional health topics, including a history of psychology and different research and diagnosis methods. Students also learn about different crime methods based on social or economic conditions, and how to assess rehabilitation efforts. Doctoral students must create a dissertation summarizing a current topic. Completing the program won’t automatically qualify a student for a license in their particular state; additional learning may be necessary.

  • Location: Chandler, AZ
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
  • Cost: $510 per credit
  • Time to complete: About three years

Walden University

Walden University offers an online PhD in forensic psychology, which accepts up to 53 transfer credits from qualifying academic work. In addition to a general track, the program is offered in several specialization tracks, including criminal justice (self-designed), crisis leadership management, crisis response, crisis leadership management, legal issues in forensic psychology, victimology, and a self-designed option. The degree requires 110 quarter-credits in areas such as abnormal behavior, criminal behavior, legal issues and social change in forensic psychology, and the psychological aspects of violent crime, among other areas. Additionally, students need to complete a dissertation and four four-day residencies.

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Cost: $610 per quarter-credit
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission
  • Length: Up to eight years


Candidates for PsyD programs can approach from two directions: having only a master’s degree, or having a master’ degree and a standard PhD (e.g., if a medical professional wants to expand their skills in the psychology realm). Other academic or professional requirements vary by institution, but generally these can include:

  • A master’s degree from an accredited U.S. school with a competitive GPA (>3.2)
  • Letters of recommendation, especially from past employers or academic supervisors, such as department heads or program chairs
  • Transcripts from all academic programs, including workshops or seminars
  • Personal statement expressing interest and sharing summary of experiences
  • TOEFL scores if foreign student

Professors to Know from Schools with Online PsyD Programs

University of Arizona Global Campus

Dr. Greenberg specializes in the working of the brain and has a background in neuroscience and psychology. He’s part of the lead faculty at University of Arizona Global Campus and heads the master’s in human development, and also teaches online programs at other colleges. His areas of function include research, statistics, course design and teaching ways to boost creativity, efficiency and organizational efforts. He also studied brain function at the University of San Diego, using MRI tools to see the mechanics of Parkinson’s disease on the brain and body.

University of the Cumberlands

Dr. Schmuldt has been part of the UOC psychology faculty for four years. She’s an adjunct professor who specializes in psychology, mental health counseling, student affairs and program development. Her PhD from the University of Florida focused on counselor education and supervision. She previously studied and taught psychology topics in Illinois.


Farheen Gani

Farheen Gani writes about forensics schools across the United States, and has covered topics such as forensic chemistry and forensic science and biochemistry since 2018. She writes about healthcare, technology, education, and marketing. Her work has appeared on websites such as Tech in Asia and Foundr, as well as top SaaS blogs such as Zapier and InVision. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter (@FarheenGani).