Forensic Science Schools by State

Forensic science and crime scene investigation (CSI) have become popular fields of study in the U.S. and today several major universities offer related degree programs.

Community Colleges & Online Schools

Fortunately for budding forensic scientists who are watching their wallets, a number of economical community colleges offer certificates and degrees in forensics.

Virginia's Community Colleges offer associate degrees in forensic science that are designed to be transferred towards a 4-year degree.

Pima Community College offers a Crime Scene Management certificate program.

Nashville State Community College offers Crime Scene Investigation A.A.S degrees with an emphasis on Police Science.


Because laboratory forensic science and crime scene investigation rely so heavily on hands-on experience, it is difficult to find 100% online programs. Required courses like DNA testing, serology and sample analysis must be completed in a lab. For this reason, most of the “online” criminal investigation degrees are actually hybrid programs: many of the content courses are online, but the lab courses must be completed on campus.


Still, these hybrid programs are often a perfect choice for the student who is already working or can’t travel often to attend school. Several hybrid forensic science programs take time constraints into account and provide compressed lab experiences over the course of a few weekends or months.


There are a few forensic science schools that offer 100% online programs, such as the bachelor’s degree from Salem International University, but do careful research before enrolling in a program without a hands-on lab component to ensure that you understand the prerequisites. Some online programs are designed for working professionals with lab experience.