While pursuing a career in forensics, you may find yourself discovering a specialization within your area of study that you feel compelled to explore and research further. For those who have an idea of where they want to focus their forensic studies as well as those who may not know yet, you’re in the right place! Here in our Interviews section, you will find a variety of exclusive stories from nationally recognized forensic experts and top advocates from varying professional fields in the forensic community. Read their stories on how they discovered their passions within the field, obstacles they faced along their way, and how they managed to stand out among the crowd and pave the path for prospective students like yourself. You may even find a professor worth contacting to discuss their research further, while simultaneously building your own professional network. Don’t be shy! Scroll through our Interview archive to find your next academic inspiration in the field of forensics.


Ralph Ristenbatt III is not sure why he made the same Top Forensic Science Professors list as the renowned criminologist Dr. Henry Lee, but that doesn’t mean his experience in the field should be discounted ... (more)


Dr. Peter Langman is a counseling psychologist, but his story shows how an interest in a specific area of psychology can send a career in an entirely new direction – like doing research into school ... (more)


Some people who enter a career in forensic nursing might never feel the need to extend their impact beyond work in clinics, hospitals and labs, but Dr. Cathy Carter-Snell of Alberta, Canada believes teaching at ... (more)