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Those educated in forensic biology can seek out careers as biologists, DNA biologists, biologist forensic examiners, biology DNA program specialists, and more.

Forensic science conferences usually consist of lectures and workshops by eminent experts, a space for vendors, and networking opportunities. Such conferences can also be unique educational experiences, and in some cases, offer continuing education credits for attendance.

There’s no shortage of true crime gift ideas. Gifts range from practical and silly to informative and interactive and take the form of knickknacks, clothing, stickers, books, subscriptions, and useful tools. Whether you love it or hate the genre, friends and family of true crime lovers have plenty of ways to say “I see you” with the perfect gift.

Crime scene investigators and forensic scientists are both concerned with deriving information from evidence in order to discover the truth and determine the appropriate course of action. While complementary, the two roles are distinct. Learn more about the similarities and differences between them.

Taking on debt to fund a college education used to be a direct path to social and financial advancement, but the latest studies show that student debt actually might hinder it. The good news is that help is out there for those who need it, and there are more scholarships available than ever before.

Forensic chemistry attracts curious problem-solvers who can collect evidence with precision and remain objective in their observations. Ideal candidates for forensic chemistry positions must prove their abilities to follow legal and scientific protocols when collecting physical evidence from a crime scene and analyzing it in a laboratory.

Forensic science and crime scene investigation are necessary to bring criminals to justice. Without forensic scientists, toxicologists, or osteologists, thousands of crimes would go unsolved every year.

Benjamin Franklin said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and this quote remains relevant, particularly regarding crime prevention. Not only does crime prevention help keep communities safe, but it also can save lives and save money.