Today's Date: January 25, 2015


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Many people grow up wanting to fight crime. But while not all of us can become superheroes or even police officers, there are a range of ways that people can assist in identifying, prosecuting, and ... (more)


There is no denying that we live in a digital age. Everything from health records to personal correspondence now comes in its own digital package and can easily be transmitted to any corner of the ... (more)


  Blow flies, flesh flies, maggots and carcass beetles -- not what most people think about on a regular basis unless they work in the field of forensic entomology. This is the study of insects as ... (more)


Most online programs in forensic psychology are available at the graduate level, since graduate students have typically already gained the rudimentary knowledge in the field through face-to-face learning at the bachelor's level. That said, there ... (more)


Finding a forensics program in Washington DC can take more than just a little bit of research. After all, there are just 19 schools in the city. That may sound like a lot, but several ... (more)


Students may complete a bachelor's degree, but not come to develop specific career goals until they have been out in the work world gaining experience and insight. This is where a graduate certificate in forensics ... (more)


The massive volume of electronic data produced and stored has created new and exciting career opportunities in emerging fields like cyber security and computer forensics. Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery), or Cybercrime, is a specialization of computer ... (more)


Due to popular TV shows such as CSI, NCIS and Dexter, the forensic science industry has gotten a lot of attention. Many curious and observant problem solvers are attracted to forensic chemistry as it involves ... (more)