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Forensic Science & Cybersecurity Conferences (2020)

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International conferences offer participants the opportunity to keep track of the latest developments in their field, meet and greet professionals in various industries, and build their network. Forensic science and investigation conferences are designed for network security professionals, law enforcement specialists, and decision-makers in cybersecurity and forensic science. At these events, professionals are introduced to innovations in digital forensics and IT security and get a chance to interact with cybersecurity leaders around the world.

Forensic science conferences usually consist of lectures and workshops by eminent experts, a space for vendors, and networking opportunities. Such conferences can also be unique educational experiences, and in some cases, offer continuing education credits for attendance. While some organizations may accept networking and exhibit hall hours for offering credits, others might require attendees to attend educational sessions to earn credits.

Leaders in security and forensics derive much value from these conferences, enjoying the opportunity to meet prospects face-to-face, chat with customers about their pain points, and get a better understanding of what the market wants. Clayton D. Schilling, President and CEO of Precision Digital Forensics, Inc., summarized the benefits well: “Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference has provided our company with a premier one-stop-shop to the latest information, innovative technology, and networking we need to continually improve our solutions and services for our customers. It has been invaluable to our business’ growth.”

The following guide covers ten of the top forensics conferences around the globe for 2020.

Featured Forensic Science Conferences in 2020

ICFNSP 2020: International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice

The ICFNSP 2020: International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice aims at bringing together leading researchers, research scholars, and academic scientists to share and exchange their research results and experiences on all aspects of forensic nursing science and practice. The conference also provides a leading platform for practitioners, educators, and researchers to discuss recent trends, concerns, innovations, and practical challenges that one faces in the fields of forensic nursing science and practice.

Some of the topics that the conference will explore are nursing pharmacology, space nursing, family nursing, emergency nursing, death investigation, men’s engagement in intimate partner violence, and more. Vendors are invited to exhibit products at the conference or become a sponsor for the event. The conference also encourages researchers to submit e-posters, abstracts, and papers around the theme of the conference.

  • Audience: The conference keenly seeks enthusiastic academicians, scholars, and students who would love to contribute to the conference.
  • Cost: Non-student oral/poster presenter (450 €); student oral/poster presenter (350 €); listener (250 €); additional paper publication (100 €)
  • Location & Date (2020): Rome, Italy (March 5-6)

Forensics Europe Expo

The Forensics Europe Expo is Europe’s leading event dedicated to forensic science. This event will encompass four key aspects of forensic investigation including digital forensics, laboratory equipment, scene of a crime, and forensic analysis. Offering ample opportunities for learning and professional development, Forensics Europe Expo promises to be beneficial for any forensics professional and is considered the must-attend event to learn about and source the very latest technologies available on the market.

This event will attract more than 1,500 international forensics professionals from the private sector, government, the legal sector, law enforcement, laboratories, universities, the intelligence sector, and the military. This year’s conference features free educational forensics workshops to help forensics professionals bolster their investigation skills with high levels of efficiency.

Currently in its eighth edition, the event will be facilitating connections between the industry’s supply chain with its all-in-one platform to interact and engage with procurement specialists and decision-makers.

  • Audience: All visitors should be engaged in bonafide areas of forensics and associated industries, government, equipment procurement organizations, specifiers, operators and end-users, trade media, or research establishments. Students over 18 are permitted to access the Forensics Europe Expo on day two only.
  • Cost: Undisclosed; those interested in registering for the conference are encouraged to complete an online form and will be notified via email when registration goes live.
  • Location & Date (2020): Excel, London (May 19-21)

Forensics Asia Expo

Forensics Asia Expo is the Asia-Pacific iteration of Forensics Europe Expo, Europe’s leading and longest-running forensics event. The Asian digital forensics market is ranked as the fastest-growing intellectual and commercial region for forensic science and is projected to grow nearly 18 percent by 2023.

The 2020 conference location in Jakarta, Indonesia is positioned to benefit international suppliers and support commercial ventures. Looking beyond the regional name, the Forensics Asia Expo provides a global platform for industry specialists to learn about the thriving forensics market. The conference features some of the world’s most qualified speakers, addressing essential issues faced by international and local forensic communities.

Forensics Asia Expo provides a vital forum for leading forensics professionals and key industry figures to discuss the latest developments in forensic investigation technologies and techniques. The conference also invites research papers from experts from industry, academia, and law enforcement on the various challenges and solutions in the field of forensics. Topics of interest include crime scene investigation and reconstruction, forensic engineering, forensic pathology, forensic linguistics and handwriting, forensic analytical techniques, forensic biology, microbiology, and chemistry.

  • Audience: The event is calling on leading experts and innovators from law enforcement, industry, and academia.
  • Cost: Industry (£650.00 + VAT); public sector or government (£350.00 + VAT); press (free)
  • Location & Date (2020): Jakarta, Indonesia (July 15-17)

3rd International Conference on Forensic Research & Technology

The 3rd International Conference on Forensic Research & Technology is one of the largest conferences where professionals, decision-makers, and forensic experts meet for discussion and debate. The theme for this year’s event is “Accelerating new research and innovations of forensic research and technology.” The conference includes topics such as future strategies of forensic science, innovation, research, and technology.

Attendees to the event will get access to valuable data that they can use to generate new ideas and add to their professional expertise. The event facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information between academia and scholastic associations and industry folks. It explores tracks such as forensic chemistry and toxicology, forensic engineering, toxicology, and victimology.

  • Audience: Anyone from a research field, university, or company can attend this conference. Mainly stakeholders, product developers, solution providers, researchers and innovators, marketing and sales professionals, associations and professional bodies, funding agencies, decision-makers and management bodies will be attendees for this conference.
  • Cost: Potential participants must fill out an information form to learn more about the conference registration fees
  • Location & Date (2020): Hong Kong, China (July 20-21)

Crimes Against Children Conference

The Crimes Against Children Conference is a leading conference that provides knowledge and instruction to those who fight crimes against children and help children heal. It is presented annually by the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center and the Dallas Police Department. The conference that began 32 years ago with a mere 50 attendees saw a record footfall of over 5,000 participants in 2019. This conference features interactive instruction to educate government and non-profit employees in the fields of law enforcement, child protective services, social work, and children’s advocacy.

The conference faculty includes over 200 notable members who host workshops and present case studies. These are meant to address the critical issues faced by conference attendees in their work.

  • Audience: The conference aims to provide training to those employed by governmental and nonprofit agencies in the fields of law enforcement, prosecution, child protective services, social work, children’s advocacy, therapy, probation, parole, and medicine who work directly with child victims of crime.
  • Cost: Early registration ($600, before June 6); general registration ($675, June 7-July 25); late registration onsite ($725, after July 26)
  • Location & Date (2020): Dallas, Texas (August 10-13)

2020 IAI Conference

The International Association for Identification aims for education and professional development. To complete this mission, the IAI holds an annual educational conference that offers a week of high-quality education and hands-on training in the field of forensic physical evidence and crime scene investigation.

The IAI Conference is the largest in the world for forensic and crime scene professionals and the schedule is packed with scientific, technical, and operational lectures, as well as hands-on workshops focused on a wide variety of topics. Topics include photography, crime scene investigation and processing, footwear and tire track examination, the collection and examination of latent prints, bloodstain pattern evidence, biometrics, and many other types of impression and identification evidence disciplines.

Overall the IAI conference provides an opportunity for professionals in the field to stay on top of professional standards, certification, and the latest issues related to forensic science and crime scene evidence.

  • Audience: Forensic and crime scene professionals, and full-time college students, with a major in a forensic science-related field or law enforcement.
  • Cost: IAI member ($425 early and $500 onsite); non-member ($600 early and $725 onsite); family members ($150), children ages 6-18 ($45)
  • Location & Date (2020): New Orleans, LA (October 17-20)

Featured Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity Conferences in 2020

Cybertech Tel Aviv

Cybertech is the cybersecurity industry’s premier business to business (B2B) global networking platform. With industry-related events all over the world, Cybertech’s mission is to make a place for the latest technological innovations, challenges, and solutions to emerge to prevent cyber threats around the world. In addition to combating cybercrimes, the scope of digitization and innovation opportunities in cyber technology are featured topics at Cybertech’s global conferences and networking events.

Sectors represented at this conference include leading experts in critical infrastructure, insurance, retail, health and government, defense, research & development, manufacturing, and automotive. Businesses ranging from venture capital firms to multinational corporations come together and attendees can expect to be in the presence of the world’s most qualified professionals.

Emphasizing diversity through speakers and participants who represent a wide variety of demographics, this conference is an ideal networking opportunity for government decision-makers, investors, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and enthusiasts for dialogue on commercial problem-solving strategies in cybersecurity.

  • Audience: The conference is open to everyone.
  • Cost: Full conference pass ($665); one-day conference pass ($430); student full conference pass ($565); student one-day conference pass ($355); international and Israeli government officials and press: free
  • Location & Date (2020): Tel Aviv, Israel (January 28-30)

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference

The Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference is held three times a year in three distinctive US cities: San Diego, California (March 9-11), Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (May 31-June 3), and San Antonio, Texas (September 30-October 2). These three-day conferences include over 65 speakers, 60 sessions, and 25 sponsors. Each conference sees attendance from over 450 cybersecurity and digital forensics industry professionals. The programs are organized under tracks such as audit/risk management, forensics, investigations, sponsor demos, and information security.

The conference is a unique educational experience, blending knowledge of cybersecurity and digital forensics. It aims to raise awareness about the latest developments, teaching, ethics, training, and responsibilities in the field of IT security and digital forensics. The event also has several networking opportunities, so attendees can develop meaningful professional relationships.

  • Audience: Cybersecurity and digital forensics professionals
  • Cost: Early bird rate ($995, ends December 31 2020); advance rate ($1,295, ends March 6, 2020); onsite rate ($1,695); government rate ($795)
  • Location & Date (2020): San Diego, CA (March 9-11); Myrtle Beach, SC (May 31-June 3); San Antonio, TX (September 30-October 2)

DFRWS Conference

The Digital Forensic Research Workshop is a voluntary, non-profit organization that brings together those interested in digital forensics to address the challenges of the field. DFRWS organizes digital forensic conferences and aims to foster international collaboration, providing an atmosphere to share research papers, practitioner presentations, and works in progress. Every gathering includes technical workshops, demos, panels, and other breakout sessions covering various issues related to digital forensics.

Some of the topics included in this conference will be multimedia analysis, database forensics, data hiding and discovery, digital evidence and the law, digital evidence storage and preservation, and much more.

The first digital forensic research workshop was held in August 2001. The vision is to bring together researchers, practitioners, industry experts, academics, law enforcement, and military with the goal of opening lines of communication.

  • Audience: The conference is open to everyone.
  • Cost: Early bird rates: standard (£595, before January 31); law enforcement (£495); student rate (£395)
  • Location & Date (2020): Oxford, United Kingdom (March 25-27); Memphis, Tennessee (July 19-22)

Magnet User Summit 2020

Magnet User Summit (MUS) 2020 is a three-day event that provides a complete view of the latest ongoings in the digital forensics industry, as well as how magnetic forensic products can help with investigations. The event includes hands-on lab experience and several in-person lectures and offers three days of pre-event training courses. Attendees get an opportunity to hear from guest speakers on the latest trends and best practices in digital forensics. The keynote speaker for the event is Mr. Jerome Pickett, executive vice president & chief security officer for the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The conference introduces attendees to the exciting trends and best practices in the digital forensics industry. It also offers two instructor-led on-site courses, namely Magnet Axiom Examinations and Magnet Axiom Advanced Computer Forensics. These courses can account for 32 CPE credits through NASBA.

  • Audience: All are welcome to attend, though only those who perform digital forensics investigations will likely get the most reward out of the event.
  • Cost: Early bird rate ($449, before February 29); general admission ($599); special government employee rate ($199)
  • Location & Date (2020): Nashville, Tennessee (May 11-13)

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