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Science is cool. Death is cool. So it just stands to reason that science about death is wicked awesome.

Forensic science and crime scene investigation aren’t just cool, though. They’re a necessary part of bringing criminals to justice. Without forensic scientists, toxicologists, or osteologists, thousands of crimes would go unsolved every year. And, of course, these “after-the-fact” mysteries are magnetic – and shows like CSI, Bones, and NCIS have the ratings to prove it.

But, instead of just watching fiction based on forensic science and crime scene investigation, the internet makes it possible for you to be on the scene of the crime along with the investigator. Here are the best blogs for getting a birds-eye view of what it’s really like to be a crime scene investigator or forensic scientist.

Featured Forensics Blogs

1. Forensic Magazine

Forensic Magazine focuses on three key areas of forensic science: Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Lab Work, and Digital Forensics. The blog is updated on all three fronts five times a week, using stories ripped from the headlines to highlight current practices and issues in forensic science and CSI. 

2. Explore Forensics

This website is geared towards the beginning student of forensic science, but has enough meat to keep even a seasoned pro interested. The weekly articles discuss topics like How to Estimate the Time of Death and highlights real forensic cases to provide a foundation for further study. 

3. The Chick and the Dead

Carla Valentine is a teacher of forensic science, a practicing Anatomical Pathology Technologist (Mortician), and a popular blogger. She was a guest speaker on the Resident Evil 6 Real Crime: Real Fiction panel at the British Museum as well as the Wellcome Forensic Science Exhibition. Her blog boasts content about love, death, dismemberment, and how they all relate to forensic science.

4. Security Affairs

This website is dedicated to everything digital forensics, from hacking to cybersecurity. Every day, readers can get new information on the digital forensics front – often with headlines pulled straight from top-tier media. This site also touts a large database of research on cyber threats, from international security spending to the most damaging cyber attacks of the year.

5. Powered by Osteons

Kristina Killgrove is a bioarchaeologist and professor at the University of West Florida. Her blog is all about bones – specifically how they can be used to solve crimes. In addition to her incredible articles about archaeology, osteology, and forensic science, she systematically picks apart the CSI crime drama Bones and reveals how a true osteologist would solve each episode.

6. Bones Don’t Lie

Katy Meyers Emery is a PhD student at Michigan State University with a penchant for skeletons. Her blog is a mixture of anthropology, archaeology, and forensic osteology, but she calls herself a mortuary archaeologist. Her provocative blog talks about how she gleans information from the dead – especially cultural and historical information.


Dr. Michael Bowers is a dentist and forensic consultant in the U.S. and international court systems. His book, “Forensic Testimony: Science, Law, and Expert Advice,” received an Honorable Mention at the Association of American Publishers’ 2015 PROSE Awards. His blog highlights a number of themes relating to forensic science and CSI, include how to give expert forensic testimony as well as how to avoid forensic science malpractice.

8. The Dose Makes the Poison

From Molly to Krokodil, the unknown ForensicToxGuy knows it all. This blog, run by an unknown forensic toxicologist and “drug chemist,” highlights the most dangerous and deadly chemicals known to man. In addition to interesting articles about chemistry, drug interaction, and general forensic toxicology, he also posts job openings for students interested in toxicology. 

9. Forensic Sciences Simplified

Funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, this website serves as a way for students to learn in-depth information about a variety of CSI topics. Choose from mini-sites about things like footprinting, toxicology, documentation, or DNA testing. You can also download articles directly to a e-Reader for further study.

10. Rice University – CSI: Web Adventures

Although this site seems geared towards a younger crowd, it’s interactive gaming style masks advanced techniques for solving forensic science problems. You can choose from five different CSI cases based on the popular TV show, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced. It also has a great list of forensic science resources sorted by category.

11. Investigative Sciences Journal

This online peer-reviewed journal offers up-to-date articles about forensic science and investigations from a professional perspective. The editorial staff is comprised of well-known forensic scientists from universities across the country, as well as state departments of Criminal Investigation. Each issue is free and reflects the most recent events and investigations in the U.S. 

12. Ask a Forensic Artist

There is a lot of disinformation about this unique forensic science profession, which is why Lisa Bailey continues to dispel the rumors. The blog discusses relevant topics to forensic artists, such as techniques, technology, and tools. She also does interviews with prominent forensic artists to talk about how they became a part of the profession and what their work is like.

13. Strange Remains

Dolly Stolze is the mastermind behind this magnificently morbid blog. In addition to news about art, anatomy, and archaeology, Stolze has an entire section on Forensic Anthropology. These articles highlight news and investigations involving cold cases and long-dead victims whose cases were solved through Forensic Anthropology. It’s funny, dark, and very, very interesting.



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